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What we've be up to...

New album from Brad Boyer

Embark on a cosmic journey with Brad Boyer's "Trophy Buckles," a folk and country odyssey that fuses poetic storytelling with masterful performances. Produced by Edge Water Music, this musical spacecraft navigates the celestial landscapes of life, love, and humor.


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The Mighty Orq

We are always thrilled at the chance to work with Houston's own, The Mighty Orq. The Mighty Orq is not only a standout instrumentalist and vocalist, he is also the kind of person you want with you on any mission.

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Happy Holidays from Moontown!

It's the most wonderful time of our planetary orbit!

Here's a holiday playlist with a mix of classics and a few songs you may not have heard to celebrate the season.


If you are looking for unique holiday music or…

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Moontown Sounds in PODRE

We are excited to have written and produced music for PODRE, a new podcast about fatherhood by writer, Chris Brunt.

It is a fantastic show. You will laugh, you will cry, and hopefully tap your feet. Look for it wherever…

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Moontown is hiring!

Moontown Sounds is hiring! 

Open Position: Label Assistant 

Moontown Sounds is an independent record label in Houston, TX. We produce original music with independent artists for public release, we create custom music and we also market independent artists for sync…

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