Moontown Sounds Launches with Oliver Penn

Moontown Sounds is excited to launch with the single, "All I Hear is Ringing (but I Ain't Picking Up the Phone)", which became available everywhere on  11/26/2021.

We met Oliver as musicians. We were impressed with his voice, musicianship, vision and dedication. So, we looked for an opportunity to collaborate with him as soon as we could. We found it in this song. It became our mission.

Story of a Song

"All I hear is Ringing" is about a break up that turns 180 degrees halfway through. It's a story with a sad start, a happy end and catchy chorus. The song is right at home in Oliver's catalogue of "sad boy soul". 

When Oliver came to the studio, we wanted to make sure that we captured his raw talent and sound. Oliver made it easy.

Oliver poured himself into production. We loved experimenting with him to find the right groove and textures. He tried different amp and guitar combinations, different drum and bass patterns, we tracked a Rhodes piano, we tracked a 100 year old stand up piano. We recruited our friends Audry Bryant, Ariel Hill and Libby Koch to sing on the track. In the end, we were excited to make something uniquely Oliver Penn, uniquely Moontown and uniquely Houston.

It's Pop, its soul, it's rock n' roll. We hope you love it.

Story of a video

We decided that this song needed a video. In the video we wanted to push the idea of a breakup experienced through the phone. So, we shot a largely first person video that focuses Oliver's changing relationship with his ex through the phone. The video was shot over a few days in an around The Continental Club in Houston. It features our fans and friends from the club. Oliver deserves a special shout out for his patience with the heat and practical effects of the shoot. We hope you love it.


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